How about some good news?

Are you sick and tired of bad news?

ESKOM Failure ... Government Corruption ... Petrol Prices ... Rising Costs ... Devaluation of the Rand ... Loadshedding

At some point over the last few months, I have probably had a conversation with you of with someone you know, about an automated trading system that we have developed for “people who don’t know how to trade futures“.

We have finally sorted out all the technical issues (of which there were many) to be able to bring our “Trade Copying System” to market, and we are ready to launch this system to a few select South African friends and acquaintances.

Join us for a 30min Zoom session where we will show you how to earn USD without leaving South Africa. This invitation has been sent to a very small group of individuals. If you would like to invite additional friends, please confirm with us and we will add them to our invitation list.

Our next Zoom Webinar will be held on Thursday eveningĀ  the 6th October at 7:30pm.

Please reply to this email and include the email addresses of any other people that you would like to invite.

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