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Not ready to risk your own money yet?

Trading can be a risky business especially for new traders. No-one wants to lose all of their hard earned money whilst learning to trade and so the obvious choice id to trade a simulated account.

However, experience has proved that simulated accounts do more damage to your trading than anything else. If things are not going your way you can simply reset the account, or even worse, start doubling up until you win some money, often trading 50 or 100 contracts at a time.

In the real world this would be impossible unless you had hundreds of thousands of dollars in your account.

This is where Leeloo comes to the rescue!

Choose an account size consistent with your goals and trade it like real money. You will have all the limits of a real account, except that your profits and losses are not real. If you blow your account you will only lose the monthly subscription.

However, if you reach your target


You will automatically qualify for a live account, which means that any money you earn will be yours to keep.

– but your downside is still protected by our trading rules.



$ 150
  • 3 minis | 30 micros
  • $1,500 profit target
  • $1,500 Trailing Drawdown


$ 180
  • 8 minis | 80 micros
  • $3,000 profit target
  • $2,500 Trailing Drawdown


$ 220
  • 12 minis | 120 micros
  • $6,000 profit target
  • $3,000 Trailing Drawdown